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Posted by: Shannon Popkin on 04/05/2017

Control Girl to Jesus Girl

Control Girls aren't trying to exasperate anyone; they're just trying to make everything turn out right! Yet the woman who lives life repeatedly lunging after control tends to make everybody miserable--herself included. 

Shannon Popkin can attest to that. As she shares about her journey from Control Girl to Jesus Girl, Shannon will invite you to find the peace, security, hope, and joy that comes--not from gripping, clamping, and clawing after my own version of perfect, but from surrendering to the One who truly is in control.   

Shannon offers this topic as an event, or a retreatFor more details, visit ShannonPopkin.com

Also, here's a one minute video introduction to Shannon's newly released Bible study, titled Control Girl. 

Shannon also invites you to check out the free resources she has available for Event Planners and Retreat Planners, to go along with her Control Girl message. 

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