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Posted by: Amy Stout on 06/10/2022

Comparison Cure

Do you need set free to unapologetically be the exact version of yourself that God designed you to be? We will study what really unfolded between Mary, Martha and Jesus and how maybe we have pegged Martha unfairly. Maybe she wasn't too busy for Jesus afterall.  In setting Martha free from our harsh critique we will give ourselves  permission to stop comparing and start thriving. We will be free to love Jesus the way he designed us to love him, serve him the way he wired us to serve him, we will be free to support one another rather than judge one another, free to stop beating ourselves, free to just be ourselves...the best version of ourselves. We will celebrate one another rather than compete with one another.    We will be cured of our need to compare.

Amy Stout amystout.org

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