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Posted by: Darla Makela on 12/28/2021

Clearing the Clutter to Make Room for God

Discover how you can enhance your relationship with God as you clear out the clutter in each area of your life and make room for God.

Clutter is more than just extra stuff laying around your house and any kind of clutter can keep you from living a peaceful and productive life.  

In this session Darla Makela shares how clutter can impact your mind, body and spirit and what you can do to decrease that clutter to be more effective in God’s kingdom.   It is not about perfection  but it is about understanding that excess clutter in your life is impacting you daily.   

Darla brings this message full of grace and understanding as she knows what it is like to be overwhelmed by clutter to the point of not being able to take action in her calling.   You will hear simple and biblical tips on clearing clutter and moving forward in your God given purpose.

In this discussion you will:

Identify the clutter that is in your life today.

Make a commitment to decrease the clutter in your life.

Identify the steps that you will take to live clutter free.

All presentations can be done as interactive and will have handouts available for easy application.

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