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Posted by: Amy Stout on 06/02/2022

Cheer Her On: Overcoming insecurity and jealousy while learning to love your own life.

 Do you desire to live free of  jealousy and insecurity? Free to celebrate with others when they succeed where you've failed, when others have what you long for, when others get answers to the prayers you keep praying or when others don't seem to have the burdens you carry? It is possible to be free enough and secure enough to cheer on other people and love your own life.   

The storyline of Mary and Elizabeth will come alive to us as we see how living this way is possible. We will walk away grateful for our own blessings, our own callings, own walk with God and finally stop feeling like everyone else, but me, is God's favorite child. We will be empowered to stop throwing ourselves pity parties and start viewing pain not as punishment but rather profound preparation for our divine purposes.

Amy Stout amystout.org

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