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Posted by: Darla Makela on 12/28/2021

Chaos to Clarity

Learn how to go from listening to the chaos around you to finding true clarity in what God is calling you to do.

There is so much chaos in our world today and so many voices telling us what we should say, what we should wear, what we should do with our life and so much more.  It can be easy to get caught up in all of that and forget that the One who loves us the most has a good and perfect plan for our lives and we do not need to search any further.  HE is the one who can provide that clarity that we need to live the life he created us to live.

Learn about how Darla Makela went from 27 years in the corporate world feeling very unfulfilled to now living a life full of purpose and clarity.  She will share the lessons she learned along the way as she had to trust without knowing the final outcome.  She will share her journey of moving from chaos to clarity and what she does daily to stay in that clarity zone.  

 In this discussion you will learn:

 How to tell the difference between chaos and clarity.

Tools and biblical practices to find clarity.

To identify the chaos in your life and create a plan to get rid of the chaos.

All presentations can be done as interactive and will have handouts available for easy application.

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