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Posted by: Joanna Fruhauf on 04/25/2017

Called by Name: Life Valued

Called by Name: a look at the value of life.

There is a tremendous comfort in being known.  That our life matters to someone who is willing to love us in the best and worst of times. That can only happen when each heart and life are valued.  The Value of a life is clearly demonstrated through out the scriptures. We will look at the value, plans and purposes, God has ordained for us. We will see that the Lord Jesus died, as a ransom for many, that we might have life abundantly.  Understanding the worth and value of life comes from the Word of God and is the very core of the second greatest commandment.  We look to the Lord for the healing of wounds physical or emotional, ask for a renewed sense of that value, and be challenged to share the LIFE that Jesus offers. It’s my hope that you’ll be encouraged to walk in the Newness of His Resurrection power, becoming agents of change that impact with eternity, your circles of influence.

[This discussion opens up opportunity to deal with some 'hot topics' suicide, assisted suicide, abortion and cutting or self mutualizing]

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