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Posted by: Leah Fort on 07/16/2018

BURIED TREASURE-When the enemy wants you to forget what you already possess

HELP! My identity has been stolen! Nobody knows who I am anymore! I have nothing! What can I do? How can I be anything when I have nothing?

Have you ever felt this way? Maybe you have been “hacked” on social media and a pseudo account was set up as though you did it. Maybe you have experienced a case of credit card identity theft. Maybe you feel you have lost yourself in life’s circumstances. You are someone’s daughter. You are someone’s sister. You become somebody’s wife. You become somebody’s mother. You are someone’s employee. You are someone’s employer. There are many kinds of identity, yet sometimes we don’t truly know who we are.

Examining the life of an unnamed woman in the Bible, you will discover what you have in your house. You will find the power to live your life. You will learn how to have peace in the midst of chaos. You will understand your purpose. You will learn to become a purveyor of hope. You will find buried treasure. 

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