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Posted by: Brenetia Adams-Robinson on 09/10/2019

Building the Right Foundation: First Time Supervisor’s Training

Few endeavors beat the thrill of accepting a position as a new manager.  Adrenaline courses and you can’t wait to flex your managerial muscle.  But how do you approach this new venture team member to team lead with minimum pitfalls and maximum effectiveness?  

This vital seminar focuses on making the transition into management smooth and successful.  Topics include:

Understanding the Fundamentals of Leadership and Management

- Management Styles and Techniques

- Embrace Your Unique Leadership Style

- Managing Organizational Behavior

- Engaging Staff to Achieve Organizational Goals

- Building a High Performance Team Foundation

- Maximize the Informal Leadership Structure in Effectuating Change

- Make the Grapevine User Friendly

- The Art of Delegating for Maximum Efficiency

This is an intensive 5 day training to position new leaders to succeed!

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