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Posted by: Brenetia Adams-Robinson on 09/10/2019

Building a Progressive Leadership Team

Good team leadership requires someone who can influence others to be empowered, challenge the status quo, take initiative on important decisions and tasks, and be accountable for the outcomes. 

A team leader has tremendous responsibility in balancing people issues with task issues, managing differences, overcoming misalignment, and many others. 

This leadership development program teaches hiring officials how to identify the competencies needed in an effective leader and visionary in order to position teams for high performance outputs. It teaches senior leaders how to tap into the strongest competencies of its current leadership pool to maximize effectiveness; and how to identify weaknesses that can undermine the capacity to lead a strong progressive team.

In today’s high turnover culture, organizations must be wise and skilled in tapping into leadership strengths and identify individuals who can take the organization to the next level. This 2-day program helps make that happen. 

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