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Posted by: Michelle Rooney on 04/29/2019

build the wall: why relational boundaries matter

While it's important...and have and build healthy relationships with our families, friends, communities, and more, it's also important...and know which relationships are hazardous and to know when and how to put appropriate boundaries into place. Having good people in our lives is what makes it all matter. Being able to keep toxic people or those who mean harm at bay is just as important.

After walking through years of having zero boundaries and no understanding of how they worked or why they were important, Michelle learned (the hard way!) the ins and outs of when it's appropriate to set them, how to do so, and what our biblical responsibility is to others. She uses Scripture and personal vignettes throughout this presentation to paint a vivid picture of the importance of boundaries and practical information regarding the implementation of them.

Michelle Rooney

Founder/Author/Teacher at bOuNcE

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