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Posted by: Keli Hillier on 02/10/2023


Satan stole my breath…TWICE.

The first time, I was in my 30s.  Jesus was my Savior. Fear and depression were my dictators.  Excruciating pain and hopelessness lived within me continuously. Survival would be a generous description of my ability to live.

Defeat’s ugly tentacles encircled my soul and squeezed what life remained.  

Conceding Defeat’s victory, I went to bed…for 2.5 years.  There was no point in expecting a good future, nor was there any strength to face the present reality.

I was broken.

Then God flexed His muscle, and everything changed.  

December 2021, Satan tried a second time – with COVID.

He was out for my life.   55 days with a ventilator acting as my lungs, 7 minutes without a heartbeat, I was reminded of what I was unable to do on my own.  And once again, I was broken.

Through it all, the Holy Spirit had hold of my hand, leading me to healing – body and soul – and teaching me how to breathe…again.

Keli Hillier


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