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Posted by: Stefanie Jane Martino on 06/06/2022


Blueprint: In today’s world people are doing so much, yet what are they getting accomplished? Doesn’t it appear that people’s aim is off and their patience is wearing thin? God has a blueprint; God has a perfect plan for everyone’s life. Stefanie opens up the Word and helps women see their need to seek God first in all situations, this will allow people to find the aim that God wants them to shoot for. The Bible is clear that when we look to God for direction, He sends us on a path that is sure-footed. Hebrew 11 says, "God is the architect and builder." When we look to the Lord for guidance, He normally does not show us the whole blueprint. He expects us to trust Him and follow His lead. God does not want us to get ahead of ourselves. God wants us to be in the moment with Him. Focusing on Jesus will keep Christians in line with the work of God. Fear and faith cannot stand in the same place for long. When a person does what God designed them to do, God builds their faith and the fear disappears. Only God can open the eyes of the blind, so be confident when you are walking blindly after Jesus. Choosing to let the fear diminish, faith will be built in His perfect blueprint. 


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