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Posted by: Deb Potts on 09/17/2019

Better Together

Better Together: Honoring and Respecting Each Other's Personalities. Research says most of us marry someone very different from ourselves. Opposites DO attract! But after the honeymoon is over, how in the world do we get along with someone so different from us?

Instead of trying to change him, why not trying something different?

We take a deep dive into Adam and Eve's personalities and how they were not better together. They were very different, and instead of leaning on each other they took matters into their own hands and got all of us into a lot of trouble. 

Then we will take a look at psychology's Big Five personality traits that are most important to relationships. We'll learn how any couple can be better together, no matter how different they are.

Deb Potts, author and marriage mentor.

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