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Posted by: Rhonda De la Moriniere on 03/21/2018

Beloved Bride

Beloved Bride is, perhaps, the most touching of all the messages,and requires more time as it is a detailed comparison of an ancient Hebrew wedding to Christ's marriage to us.

I take scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, as we walk down the aisle of ancient Hebrew wedding traditions and language to discover that when Jesus refers to us as His Bride, it is much more literal than we might realize.

Participants who have been down this journey of truth have never been the same, as they uncover the truth about their Husband, Jesus, and about themselves, His Beloved Bride. "Come, I will show you the bride, the Lamb's wife." Revelation 21:9

That bride is you, beloved.

This series would be ideal for a weekend retreat or even longer setting as it is very detailed.  I am happy to leave all my bible study notes and outlines behind for churches to go deeper into study once the teaching is over.  

There ALWAYS leaves the women hungering for more knowledge and understanding of how we are and have become the Bride of Christ. 

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