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Posted by: Darla Makela on 12/28/2021

Believing in What Seems Impossible

Turn from doubting God’s promises to believing in what seems impossible can happen in YOUR life!

Do you find yourself listening to a sermon or having a dream and wishing it could be for you but not being able to really believe that it can happen for YOU?  Maybe you grew up always being told why something could NOT happen for you instead of being encouraged to believe and go for your dreams.

Even as Christians it can be difficult to imagine that the seemingly impossible thing is actually for you.

Come discover how your thoughts create your beliefs and how you can actually impact your results by what you think and believe.  Darla Makela will share biblical principles and tools to help you change your thoughts and your beliefs so that you can begin to see those “impossible” things take place in your life.

She will share her own journey of changing her negative mindset to living a life of celebrating God’s goodness in her life. This will change your life!


In this discussion we will discover:

How your thoughts impact the life you live.

What God says about how we should think.

What lies you are believing that are keeping you from experiencing that “impossible” thing.

Tools on how you can begin TODAY to change your thoughts so that you can change your life.

All presentations can be done as interactive and will have handouts available for easy application.

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