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Posted by: Tonya Telesco on 08/01/2021

BECOMING IRRESISTIBLE: Understanding Yourself and Others

Relationships are the spice of life and a major determining factor to fulfilling God’s purpose. We are designed to be irresistible! However, our differences not only lead to daily frustration but can sabotage our vision, mission, and the impact we are called to make in the world. 

The ability to communicate with people according to their personality style moves from connection to lasting impact within our family and circle of influence. It’s the crowning information to living out the Golden Rule. 

 In this highly informative, and entertaining presentation, Tonya uses biblical character examples and interacts with your audience to reveal how different our personalities play out in everyday life. Power-packed with proven principles that revolutionize the way people look and relate to life; this time is overloaded with ah-ha moments and take-aways.


  • Understand the 4 personality types and how each is created with God’s DNA. 
  • Discover how your personality is connected to your purpose.  
  • Identify untapped strengths to accelerate your growth and influence. 
  • Learn how to move from toleration to celebration with people not like you. 

 Above all, love others deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. ~ 1 Peter 4:8

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