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Posted by: Kimberly McCormick on 10/26/2019

"Be Still" - Let's put Anxiety to Rest!

     Is it any wonder so many of us suffer with anxiety and fear in this chaotic world in which we live?  The bible actually gives the command to "Fear not," or some form of these same words, more than any command in the Holy Book.  This lets us know that for thousands of years people have been dealing with fear and anxiety.  What can we do to calm these life-changing emotions?

     We can be assured through God's own words that through our great God, it is possible to live life with a peace that is far greater than the human mind can understand.  Do you want to experience that kind of peace?  Kim will share with you her own personal story of dealing with highly-stressful situations, from every day angst to panic attack mode!  Learning to "Be Still and know that I am God," IS an attainable way of life.  

     Kim will also share practical daily tips for living free of anxiety and stress.  Everyone will leave this session feeling stronger in God's word, which promises a peace that passeth all understanding, as well as having a new awareness of intentional activities that help to keep us stress free.

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