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Posted by: Denise Rothstein on 07/15/2021

Be Encouraged to Overcome with the Fast Turnaround

Whether your ministry or job is at home, in an office, or both, you’re often in a position where you’re expected to be on top of things, remaining steady through the ups and downs of life.
Learning the art of the fast turn-around, through Biblical stories, methods and prayers to help you and your people stay encouraged in the trials of ministry and life, is what I would bring and teach to your group of women.


Topics covered will be:

* Why and how to stay encouraged and keep your group encouraged to see breakthroughs in relationships and ministry.

* Methods based on the Word of God to help get you out of discouragement. We will look at how David worked through his problems in the Book of Psalms, and how other Biblical figures overcame discouragement and moved on to victory.

* Identifying and securing a support and accountability group of family and friends to keep you accountable.

* Scripture that uplifts and comforts that you can refer to and refer others to, so that you and they can have a more abundantly encouraged life, family and ministry.

* How to work with different personality types of people to maximize their and your potential to live an overcoming and victorious life, and have a more fruitful ministry.


Be encouraged to see a breakthrough in your walk with the Lord, your relationships, your ministries and every area of your life!

I'd love to share these overcoming actions from the Bible with your women in a day of Bible study, encouragement and prayer! 

Denise Rothstein    delightfullydevoted.com

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