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Posted by: Connie Ruth Christiansen on 09/15/2019


I love those ”suddenly” moments!....when some very familiar idea that somehow has been living upside down in me, suddenly gets turned right-side up.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with the ever popular ”Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart” ......but I wasn’t quite sure why it bothered me. (it always sounded like a lie and a truth at the same time.)

I loved the beautiful sound of it and the apparent promise contained within it...but I have also found my insides cringing when I heard or read it.

Until today.

I was looking up the meaning of the word “delight” in Hebrew, when suddenly I recognized the lie.....the lie is NOT in these beautiful words - the lie is in the ever popular interpretation of these words.

It occurred to me that nearly every time we hear or read an explanation of this scripture this is what we are told:

IF we are not seeing our desires fulfilled it is because we are doing something wrong-something that displeases God. Or that we need to try harder to be close to Him, to “delight” in Him, to be more pleasing to Him.....and then surely we either get what we ask for, or surely it will be revealed that our desires are evil in the first place.

I have heard this same interpretation of this scripture in nearly every Christian and secular place I have been. A displeased God equals a hindrance to ones desires being met.....it is sometimes believed and taught obviously and sometimes subtly, but it seems to be the most popular interpretation of it.

I have long believed (and my life motto has been) that: “if is not about love, it is not about God.” ........Perhaps this is why the (interpretation of this) scripture bothered me.

My suddenly moment:

The (phonetic) Hebrew word “aw-nag“ (delight) used in this scripture, can be interpreted as “being pliable or sensitive.”

”Be sensitive to the Lord, and He is willing to .....”


Have a desire? (A dream, a goal, a request, an idea, a plan)?......simply be sensitive to His insight about this desire... and He will happily partner with you on your quest.

Unlike the many sermons, teachings, articles, books, discussions about this scripture that seek to convince us that we are somehow “wrong” in our desires or ”not quite good enough“ in our pursuit of Him, this scripture was never meant to be interpreted as a “do your best to be pleasing to ME, or else!”

This scripture is not an unreasonable demand from an impatient God, insisting we do things His way or we are doomed to failure or disappointment.

This is a loving, generous bidding* from the One who filled us with dreams and creativity and desires in the first place.

* I Am the author of your desires, let Me be the finisher. (Philippians 1)

* Be sensitive to Me about this- let’s do this together. (Psalm 37)

* I will give you wisdom about it - listen for My Voice. (James 1)

* I will light your path- follow the light. (John 8)

* As we travel this journey together, towards your desire, I will carry the heaviest part of whatever burden might result. (Matthew 11)

* I will pick you up when you fall, help you up the mountains, give you strength when you are weary, and open up doors for you. (Psalm 23, Isaiah 40)

My suddenly moment: The lie (I somehow believed was) attached to this promise is gone.

It’s a good thing.

~ Connie Ruth Christiansen    www.connieruthchristiansen.com 

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