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Posted by: Pam Caylor on 05/20/2021


Abortion and the Church. Did you know that for decades, over 75% of women who procure an abortion in the U.S. claim the Name of Christ? 

63,000,000 Babies aborted JUST in the U.S. ... 47,250,000 BABIES DESTINED for Christian homes aborted.  

Leaders ... we need to talk! 

Pam Caylor, Evangelist, led one of the single busiest Pro Life Ministries in the Nation - with over 36,000 Babies saved in 16 years! Passionate about Life - for now and eternity - let's equip your Leaders to handle the topic of abortion and Stop the Bloodshed in our midst! https://www.womenspeakers.com/united-states/las-vegas/speaker/pam-caylor

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