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Posted by: Jeanette Levellie on 04/17/2017

“Shock the Clock: Creative Time Management for Messy Times.”

Would you love to manage your sometimes-wacky life in ways unique to your personality? In this fun message, Jeanette offers biblical insights, practical tips, and humor to help balance work, play, & family time. If you were "born messy" like Jeanette, you'll be encouraged that you can learn time management methods to suit your lifesyle. 

Have you ever quit reading a time management book, thinking, "This does not apply to me? This person was born organized," or "This program is too detalied and complicated."? Me too. This is why I decided to create a time management plan that is simple for everyone, based on four different styles of personality. I was not born organized. I got an A+ in Procrastination 101 and received Messy Mama of the Year till my kids were out of the house. Everything I know about time management was learned the hard way: by trying to squeeze myself into someone else's mold. When I began asking the Lord for help to manage my time HIs way, base on my personality, it worked. 

I'd like to share with you how you can manage your time, no matter what your quirks. Because if there's hope for this Messy Mom, there's hope for you!

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