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Posted by: Joy Bowser on 04/22/2017


A WIFE AND A WITNESS is the title of my book and my ministry. My ministry is a ministry of encouragement. It began as a ministry to primarily married women (but also men) who find themselves in "unequally yoked" marriages. It encourages the Christian believer to keep her/his walk true and in that, she/he will be the kind of spouse that may lead their mate to the Lord.  

From either video, power point or a beach ball presentation, the point is made that a marriage needs the spiritual power of both spouses to "hold up" a marriage.  it is not the work of one person on their own. This message would be good for young married groups, a Bible Study for married women or even for those who are contemplating marriage.

Scripture is used to show how God can use wives and husbands as He did Esther, "For such a time as this."

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