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Posted by: Carol Carpenter on 12/11/2023

A Surprising Invitation (Christmas Theme)

In Jesus, our Savior, God perfectly anticipated our need.  The surprising invitation to shepherds extends to us, too--to meet and know the Savior, and to find rest for our souls!


This Christmas themed message has something for everyone, from those who have known the Savior for a very long time to those who have yet to meet Him.  Hear the story of the Savior's birth, as if it's for the first time.  Feel the welcome, and wonder that you are invited to meet Him.  Marvel that this news of great joy is truly for each one of us, and that the gift of the Savior is meant personally for you.  Ponder the freedom in an invitation that doesn't add one more activity to your to-do list, and that is not requiring you to do more, to try harder, to earn God's favor.  Instead, you are invited to rest in the work the Savior has already done on your behalf and to step into a life of knowing Him as Father and Friend, forever.

After four-hundred years of silence from God's prophets, angels broke the silence to bring news to the world that the long-awaited Savior had been born for us all!  This presentation is enhanced with two original songs: "Angels Broke The Silence," as a capstone that encapsulates the message; and "A Christmas Blessing," as a fitting close.  

I invite you to hear my heart for ministry in the context of Jesus's birth through these excerpts from the lyrics to "A Christmas Blessing": 

"May this season be sweeter than you have ever dreamed; the invitation's standing for your heart to come and see...

The baby in the manger was no ordinary boy; God had come with a plan and an outstretched hand to restore our hope and joy...

...if you've ever wondered if you your life really mattered, wonder no more...

May this season be sweeter than you have ever known; the invitation's standing for your heart to come believe and find its home."

As a pianist and worship leader, as well as a speaker, I am also delighted to expand this Christmas-themed presentation to include group singing of carols if that would help fulfill your vision to bless women at your event.

This presentation is prayerfully designed to be both a fresh and inspiring reminder for believers of the goodness of the angel's news of great joy and a winsome and intriguing introduction to our wonderful Savior for those dear guests who don't know Him yet.  I look forward to partnering with you as you are planning worship events, outreach events, or a combination!

O come let us adore and exalt Him together!


"Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest ... rest for your souls."  Matthew 1:28-29b (NASB)

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