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Posted by: Muriel Gladney on 02/25/2023

A Purposed Square Peg

Jesus said,  Come and follow Me etc.  Ladies, despite the inaccurate interpretation, the Call of God was to males and females. For instance, in John 6: 44, 65, where the word ‘man’ is inserted, the Greek word is: oudeis, which means: man or woman. Jesus was the first Misfit, i.e. square peg, if you will, of the New Testament. His behavior, His ideas, His teaching of Woman, did not fit in with the concepts of the religious community.  Therefore, all who follow Jesus must be prepared to be square pegs. Ladies, God never changed His plan. Thus, YOU, God’s Redeemed women are purposed to change the world. Muriel Gladney, https://murielgladney.com/muriels-blog/f/gods-divinely-purposed-world-changer.

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