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Posted by: Dawn Kaiser on 09/03/2017

7D Transformational Morning: Wake Up Happy & Jumpstart Your Success

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar. You wake up in a rush because you have already hit the snooze button twice and now you are on the verge of being late for work. You jump out of bed, hurriedly get ready in the bathroom and briefly stop by the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee or a quick on-the-go breakfast bar. As you head out the door, you see your book on the table and your yoga mat nearby, but you don’t have time to breathe let alone stop, read and workout because you are just too busy. You hop into your car brainstorming ten million excuses as to why you are late and already wishing the day were over so you could go back to bed. Now maybe your morning didn’t go exactly like this, but I bet it comes close. Realize if you want to transform your life, you can start creating what I call the whitespace or margin in your calendar in order to proactively allow room for joy to flow. In this message, Dawn shares the 7 D’s that can renew your mind, refresh your soul and restore your body. Her first principle is based on Matthew 6:33, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Discover how life flows when you begin each day with a heart for God!

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