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Posted by: Melody Stevens on 11/07/2017

7 Simple Strategies to Maximize Your Health (and Boost Your Business Results!)

You can boost your bottom line by boosting your health! 

Learn 7 simple strategies to improve your business by easily improving your health.
From this presentation Christian entrepreneurs will learn:

 •How you can have more energy.
 •How to increase your metabolism
 •How to harness the power of your mind
 •How to detox mentally and physically
 •How to bring more creativity and order to your business.
 •Easy-to-follow routines to make the biggest impact for your productivity and your sanity.
God’s Word is full of wisdom and guidance for how to structure our lives to be our best physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. 

Dr. Melody is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Health Coach. She has been in business since 2012 and God has led her to merging her Christian faith and love of people into what is now Fit+Faith. She serves Christian women teaching and empowering them to grow in God’s word and live healthy and victorious lives in the Temple of the Holy Spirit that each of us dwell.

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