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Posted by: Maribeth Ditmars on 10/24/2021

4 R's for Renewing your Mind after Child-Loss.

Maribeth has lost a 14-year-old to cancer, and a 21-year-old in an accident. After struggling with depression and alcoholism for a number of years, Maribeth has grasped the loving hand of Jesus and emerged as a new creation.

The 4 R's for Renewing Your Mind after Child Loss is based on Romans 12:2. Maribeth provides practical Biblical strategies, an inspiring personal testimony, and real-life applications. The attendees learn to shine the light of an eternal perspective upon their loss.

Maribeth's unique 4R strategy includes Reach In, Reach Out, Routine, and Rely on God.  This talk gears the strategy specifically to anyone who has lost a child, whether it was a pregnancy, a young child, or an adult child. Click here to find out more.

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