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Posted by: Melody Stevens on 11/07/2017

3 Keys to Honoring God with a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit

Doesn’t God love us just as we are? Why should we have to change ourselves to honor Him?

In this presentation we learn how God's transforming power and love in us leads to changing our actions, behaviors, thoughts and motivations -- not out of obligation or duty, but out of love and reverence for Him and what He's done for us.

We explore 3 key biblical factors that will lead us to a place of more fulfillment, peace, love and freedom when we honor God in all areas of our lives: mentally, spiritually and physically.

God did not create us to be fragmented or separated, He created us to be united in our spirit and he intricately made all parts of our body, mind, soul and spirit to be interwoven together. When we begin to see how everything works seamlessly together, we realize that it is only through a comprehensive and holistic approach to our lives that we will truly create lasting change and be fully effective for God.

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