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Posted by: Donna Best on 01/06/2019

" Weatherproof Your Home...Against the Storms of Life" Bible Seminar

This seminar is an introduction to Donna’s published 12-week Bible study by the same name. It is usually presented on Friday evening and Saturday, and is perfect for a weekend retreat. In this 5-session seminar, Donna highlights biblical principles that allow women to identify attitudes and behaviors that do not line up with God’s Word, and therefore erode their strength in trying times. Using intimate examples of failure and redemption in her own life, Donna offers womena fresh perspective on repentance and restoration. This process empowers women to recognize their self-defeating attitudes and behaviors, and reframe their lives and families according to God's Word. Since transformation takes place over time and in relationship with others, the women are encouraged to participate in the12-week study at the host church.

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