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Elizabeth Clamon Recommendations

Submitted by Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC on 01/14/2022

Chou Hallegra, Author & Speaker

On Topic

Elizabeth is such a great communicator. I love how she brings the hearts of women back to God. Through her writing and speaking, she has one goal, to bring women closer to God, and she does it so well. She is genuine, funny, caring, and compassionate. I could listen to her all day!

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Wendy Leppert, Founder

Elizabeth is a wonderful speaker who speaks from the heart! She’ll make you laugh & even cry some. Her life experiences & the Journey God has brought her through shines through in every message!

Submitted by Elevated Women’s Speaker Team on 06/23/2021

Deborah Warren, Faith-based Empowerment & Mindset Coach

Elisabeth’s southern wit and charm captured many hearts at the recent Elevated Women’s Conference in Charleston West Virginia! It is obvious she loves God and His girls. Elisabeth doesn’t mind being open and honest about her past so there’s can learn and grow from it. I so thoroughly enjoyed hearing her speak.

Submitted by Deborah Warren Coaching on 03/23/2019

Joy Trachsel/Speaker

I highly recommend Elizabeth. She has a speaking style that is authentic and genuine. Elizabeth's sense of humor allows her to speak on challenging topics while engaging the audience in a lighthearted way.

Submitted by Joy Trachsel/speaker on 03/23/2019

Michelle Page, Integrative Pharmacist

Elizabeth has a powerful and inspiring story for anyone. She delivers it in a manner that is engaging for all, sharing her moments of despair, fear and overwhelm that appear at different times of her life. This is countered with her relentless nature and finally trust in God, allowing her to ultimately triumph over her demons.

Submitted by Medmanagers Dba Michelle Koe Page on 06/26/2018


Elizabeth Clamon is a very well educated and out spoken in a good way. She is easy to relate to and enjoyable to listen to. As well as being very willing to answer any questions asked.

Submitted by Michigan Homeschool on 06/25/2018