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Kris King Recommendations

Submitted by CarrieBlair.Net on 12/02/2022

Carrie Blair, Author And Speaker

On Topic

From the moment I met Kris, she personified the word "creative" like few can. Kris radiates energy, joy and faith. Her journey is shared with honesty and hope. If you're looking for a speaker who will inspire, Kris is the one.

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Dana Sparks

I have heard Kris speak on numerous occasions from large ladies' retreats to small group Bible studies. She is always engaging, fresh and has many personal antidotes to liven up her lesson. In addition, she relates well to her audience and finds a way to get everyone involved. By using analogies and physical items or props to tie the theme together, she makes the lesson memorable and relatable.

Submitted by Grace Retreat Ministry on 08/18/2022

Emily Errington

Kris is a fabulous speaker and encourager! She isn’t afraid to talk about hard things-how refreshing! She is a light and brightens every room she walks into. Any group would be so blessed to hear from her!

Submitted by Mops on 01/05/2022


Kris has such a gift for speaking. She is an absolute delight to listen to. She is colorful, energetic, and has so much biblically rooted wisdom! I pray she always has a platform to be heard and spread the gospel.

Submitted by Mops on 08/24/2021

Tammy Arbuckle

If you would like a Christian speaker who loves loves Jesus and is a great storyteller, then you need to contact Kris King! She makes you feel like you are a part of her story because just by attending you ARE now her friend. She’s funny, but at the same time she knows scripture and loves to point you back to Jesus. Sign her up for your next speaking engagement!

Submitted by Mentor Mom Mops on 05/29/2019

Angela Bell, Admin

Kris spoke at our ladies tea recently. She’s engaging, encouraging, a wonderful speaker. It was a joy to have her.

Submitted by Abundant Life Church on 05/23/2019

Tina Dodson

I liked Chris’ book Crowned, and I couldn’t wait to hear her speak. She is an energetic spirit filled lady!

Submitted by Fbc on 05/22/2019

Cindy Looney

Kris King is a very enthusiastic speaker, keeping your attention as she focuses on Jesus! She loves the Lord as is obvious in her presentations! I have known Kris for over 30 years, always been a joy to be around!

Submitted by Abundant Life on 05/21/2019

Kathleen Nichols DDS

Kris spoke at our semi annual team meeting! Her joy journey inspired us all! Her delivery Style is awesome! Highly recommend!

Submitted by Kathleen Nichols Dentistry on 12/13/2018

Kathleen Nichols DDS

Kris spoke at our semi annual team meeting! Her joy journey inspired us all! Her delivery
Style is awesome! Highly recommend!

Submitted by Kathleen Nichols Dentistry on 12/08/2017

Carolyn Lackey

Kris is a wonderful speaker! She is energetic, positive, funny and just plain effervescent! She authentically speaks from the heart with love and grace. She's the real deal...wearing bright colors, with fun accessories and great shoes! You will love Kris King.

Submitted by Becoming The Meems on 12/03/2017

Traci Odom, REALTOR

The amazing and talented Kris King, spoke to our office for an Inspirational Brunch, during our annual Joy Week. Kris is passionate, funny, joyful, and intelligent as she delivers her talk. She is always engaging her audience and bringing an atmosphere of "what will she do next." I highly recommend Kris for your next event - you will be blessed by her gifts.

Submitted by Keller Williams Realty on 11/17/2017

Autumn Crawford

This woman... what a great example of Christ! Not only does she speak her mind about Jesus, she shares her life with others. This just makes having her as a speaker even more enjoyable & really down to earth experience. Absolutely enjoyed getting to hear you speak, sweet lady!

Submitted by Kw on 11/16/2017