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Joan E. Murray Recommendations

Submitted by Isani Consultants, L.P. on 09/09/2022

Vincent N. Jacob, P.E. / Technical Oversight Consultant

On Topic

We have known Joan Murray for the last eight years attending Katy Community Fellowship. We came to know her ministries - Joan Murry Ministries & Seeds of Hope Worldwide Missions ministering to the poor and the needy. The Lord has led us (with my wife) to join hands in attending and volunteering in various events including teaching the Word of God. She has totally dedicated her life to share the gospel in many ways. Her love for the WORD is very evident in her teaching, and in her prayer life. Her love and compassion for people is evident in her writing of many books and they have touched many lives. We hear her on radio, in churches and social media too. We are thankful that she can impact lives around the world through her teaching / preaching and her books. We recommend her to be part of Christian Women Speakers.

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I have known Joan for over 15 years, I first met her as a guest speaker/teacher at Windsor Village UMC. Her teachings were moving and transforming, and I could not help but long for Joan to come and minister in my Country of Zimbabwe. The Lord made that happen years later. Joan indeed as she often loves to say is "The hands and feet of Jesus" reaching many nations. She is such a dynamic leader who is truly a dedicated servant in the Gods Kingdom. She is an excellent speaker, preacher, role model and as transparent as it comes. It is sad to find many men and women of God who are fake and deceiving the world. That is not Joan. I can testify on her genuineness, and I recommend her because she is a great teacher, preacher, servant leader and role model with resilience in the work of the Lord. Her international presence also makes her appealing in reaching out to many cultures as she ministers. IF you want a speaker who is the full package, that person is Joan.

Submitted by Bibsec Bible Study Online on 09/25/2023

Modupe Longe, Group Leader

Pastor Joan Murray was on point with the topic for our event.  She referenced appropriate bible verses and gave biblically based examples to illustrate “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”.  She was focused on the topic throughout.  It was indeed a blessing to have her for the word in season.  Thank you.

Submitted by House Of David Church, Houston Tx on 08/28/2023

Kehinde Candace Igbaroola

Pastor Joan Murray  is an anointed and beautiful soul, loaded with the word of God. She blessed the women at our annual Night with the King  women banquet. 

Submitted by House Of David Church on 08/28/2023

Elsa Marinez

Miss Joan Murray truly has the gift of teaching. When she teaches the Word of God she has a way of taking you into that time and place where miracles, signs, and wonders took place. She brings more understanding of the Word of God through her biblical teaching. There is no doubt that God uses her in mighty powerful ways for His Glory!

Submitted by Monte De Sion Intl. on 08/15/2023

Tamralia Bailey

Joan is an outstanding woman of God. Throughout the years, she has delivered sermons and her teachings and preaching have left a profound impact on me. She exhibits an exceptional devotion to the Lord and his followers and tirelessly dedicates herself to serving both the local community and those abroad. Her book' You Can Trust Him' is a great book that encouraged and blessed me when I read. I recommend this book to persons that are trying to build their faith in God and others. I strongly recommend enlisting Joan as a speaker for your program.

Submitted by Nursing Student on 08/08/2023

Simone F

Such a sweet and loving personality. Truly expressing the beauty of Jesus Christ in her words and from what I can see, her life!!!

Submitted by Simoneshotit on 08/03/2023

Renee Johnson/ Minister in training.

Joan Murray, a humble and meek servant of God our Father, whose passion and desire is to serve in what ever way she can. I have know her all my life, and over the many years her desire to work
for and serve God has never changed. She was created, redeemed, blessed and gifted to be a blessing not only to those around her but the entire world. A woman of God, through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit had ministered, teached and preached the gosple of Jesus, and through this teaching and ministering, many lives had been changed including mine. As the Word of God declares in Proverbs 31 verses 25 through to 26 " she is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the futere. When she speak,her words are wise, and she gives instruction with kindness" describe who Joan is.

Submitted by Fustic Grove Church Of God Of Prophecy on 08/03/2023

Destiny Toli

What an outstanding minister of the gospel! She shares God’s word with such conviction and zeal. She is such a blessing to the body of Christ. I’ve been so blessed by the wonderful revelations that I’ve received from listening to her teachings and reading her book titled ‘You Can Trust Him’. 

Submitted by Producer on 08/03/2023

Polly Barker , Pastor’s Wife And Womens Ministry Leader At Katy Community Fellowship

I have known Joan for over 12 years. She and her ministry team at Joan Murray Ministries attend our church and are regular encouragers and prayer warriors. Joan preachers for my husband sometimes and leads our Wednesday night prayer service occasionally. I know Joan to be an excellent and well prepared communicator. She ministers to the lowest of low in foreign countries yearly thru missions trips. She also does outreaches for low economic communities where she feeds, clothes, prays for and teaches the Word. Her heart for God and for people to know him are highest goals. Joan usually brings the Word to our women at KCF through dinner series and has done our Womens retreats. She has very high integrity and a huge heart of compassion while being engaging and discerning. I highly recommend Joan Murray because she is anointed and led by the Holy Spirit.

Submitted by Katy Community Fellowship on 06/21/2023

Pastor Edward J. Hinojosa

Ms. Joan Murray is a woman of God that we have known for over 10 years. She has blessed our ministry through prayer and teaching our congregation. We believe in her ministry and have seen and experienced a move of God through her ministry. She is Holy Spirit filled and a woman of integrity. Her heart is to serve and educate the Body of Christ. We truly love and appreciate her.

Submitted by Word In Season Int. Church on 02/15/2023

Bob Chalker, Trustee

I have known Joan for over 10 years. We first met when my wife, Kim, and I moved to the Katy, TX area and joined the church. She is an outstanding speaker and a true prayer warrior. Over the years she has delivered the sermon at our church and each time I am moved by her teaching and preaching. If the only gift Joan offered was her public speaking ability that would be enough for me to provide a positive endorsement. But there is so much more to her. She has the greatest heart for the Lord Jesus Christ and his children. She gives tirelessly to serving both our local community and around the world. I highly recommend bringing Joan on to your speakers program.

Submitted by Katy Community Fellowship Church on 09/23/2022

Marcus Evans, Associate Pastor | Media Pastor

Joan is a Christ follower and she lives her faith. She is an author, communicator, ministry leader, respected and highly recommended. I am thankful for Joan and her team, they faithfully serve so well.

Submitted by Katy Community Fellowship on 09/18/2022

Diane Miller Pastor's Assistant

Joan Murray is incredible person. I have seen her speak on multiple occasions including Sunday morning sermons at our church. I have also witnessed her mentoring and counseling women who are in distress. I have also participated in training classes that Joan offers to equip people to mentor more successfully. She walks her talk, she helps women, she prays for us, she is trustworthy, and she teaches above and beyond.

Submitted by Katy Community Fellowship on 09/13/2022

Pastor Ines Linares de Peñate

La mejor experiencia de conocer a Joan Murray es que a pesar que no hablamos el mismo idioma; pero hablamos el idioma de Cristo y eso nos identifica su pasión por El, su amor, su dedicación con la que escribe, es una gran bendición tenerla en mi vida.

Submitted by Iglesia Cristiana Discipulos A Las Naciones Asambleas De Dios on 09/13/2022

Pastor Annemarie Beltran

I highly recommend Joan E. Murray. She is extremely knowledgeable in God’s word and breaks it down in anyway that is engaging and inspiring! She is an excellent Bible Teacher and delivers messages in a way that elicits change and healing in those who listen!

Submitted by Destiny Through Christ Church on 09/10/2022

Brenda Jackson

Joan Murray breaks God word down in an easy to understand way. I am in ministry because God lead me to one of Her classes. She was teaching out of Called and Chosen. She has a love for God's people. I have been on mission trips with her in the states as well as out of the country. She is an excellent speaker.

Submitted by None on 09/09/2022

Daniel Martinez, Pastor

Joan Elaine Murray is a humble servant of God who is highly anointed and is led by the Holy Spirit. She flows with grace and boldly proclaims the word of God with power and passion. She lives, breathes, and exemplifies the life of Jesus Christ. God has given her a caring heart. As such, she has touched countless lives through her ministry.

Submitted by Templo Monte De Sion Internacional on 09/09/2022

Mary Frances O'Leary, Academic Support Teacher

I was drawn to Joan because of her emphasis on the Word. I attended Bible study sessions on a regular basis. I was struggling in my job and knew I needed God to quiet my frazzled soul. Her Bible study teachings were always full of the Word of God, and I literally slept peacefully after each one. As I got to know her character and her dedication to teaching and outreach, I began to seek ways to serve with her team and help with the assignments God had given her. Joan focuses on finding a person’s assignment and purpose. In a yearlong mentorship, Joan led us through several of her books to become better equipped to serve. Joan pushes us out of our comfort zone to share at neighborhood outreaches, mission trips and prayer gatherings. I would not have had the motivation or courage to share at these events without the equipping and push from Joan along with the love and belonging I have received from her staff and team. Her ministry and dedication to God has truly changed my life.

Submitted by King Elementary on 09/09/2022

Rudy Beltran, Pastor

Joan Murray is passionate about empowering women to find freedom from their past and step into their God given destiny. She is a gifted communicator and teacher of God's word. Her unique journey and missions outreach experiences around the world add great insight and stories to her speaking content.

Submitted by Dtc Church on 09/09/2022

Gloria Leal

Joan Murray is an outstanding bible teacher. She brings the stories of the bible to life. She has been an inspiration to thousands of people around the world. I admire her prayer life and the way she prays for others. I've seen people be healed after her prayers. She is a great encourager to those who are feeling lost and unappreciated. I love her 16 books that she has written. They are filled with the stories from the bible and God's holy word. I have the privilege of working with her in Joan Murray Ministries. I highly recommend her to be a part of the Christian Women Speakers. I know she will bless you and the kingdom of God.

Submitted by Joan Murray Ministries / Seeds Of Hope Worldwide Missions on 09/09/2022

Belinda Elizondo

Great teaching in accordance to the word of God, inspirational and recommend her books highly

Submitted by Dtc Church on 09/09/2022

Bess S

Joan Murray is a valiant prayer warrior who has an in-depth knowledge of scripture. She also is a servant who feeds the poor and wins souls for Christ. Her life is a total dedication to His kingdom. Because of this wonderful foundation, she is a great minister of the Word and the Holy Spirit’s anointing flows through her.
I have been blessed by her ministry personally which includes praying and breaking generational curses. Anyone who has the opportunity to hear her proclaim the Word will certainly be blessed by our Heavenly Father.

Submitted by Katy Community Fellowship on 09/09/2022

Daniel Leal / Director of Media and Production

I highly recommend Joan Murray for the Christian Women Speakers. I've known Joan Murray for over 15 years. She is an excellent speaker nationally and internationally. I've been so privileged and honored of working alongside of her in her ministry. She is an outstanding leader in the ministry filled with the wisdom of God. Joan is very passionate about seeing the lost souls coming to Christ. She cares for those that are hurting and in need not only in their souls but also those who are hungry and in need of clothing. Not only here in our communities but also in other parts of the world. She has given her life to her ministry to serve the poor, the widows, and the orphans around the world as the Lord has told us to do. She is an awesome Author of 18 books. Her teaching is all about the bible. I love how she brings the stories in the bible to life; she reminds us that God is the same yesterday today and forever, and that He is no respecter of persons.

Submitted by Joan Murray Ministries on 09/09/2022

Ethel Charles

I have known Joan Murray for over 10 years. She is a kind loving spirit. Joan’s ministry is a blessing. She is an
extraordinary Author and Speaker.

Submitted by Membership Of Wcch on 09/08/2022


I have come to know Joan as a genuine Woman of God. We have been acquainted for nearly 20 years. Her biblical knowledge is spectacular. She is not just a student of the word but a doer of the word. Throughout the years she has demonstrated unparalleled commitment in ministry and service. Supporting the ministry she leads is always a joy. She has been extremely gifted in effectively and convincingly communicating the word of GOD to diverse audiences. Because of her experiences that she freely shares in her books readers and hearers can be encouraged and uplifted through that transparency and authenticity . My wife and I are happy to call her friend. Great things happen because of the overflow of anointing that GOD has on her life. I have experienced it first hand and can say that for a fact she has often encouraged us through the trials of ministry with words and deeds many time whether she knew it or not.

Submitted by Fellowship Mbc on 09/08/2022

Mc Donald Rubens Jerome / Pastor

It's a good thing to talk about people well, but sharing experiences you've had with that person is even way better...

We met Joan in November 2013.

Joan is definitely a good role model. Her dedication to serve others is not like any body. Joan's love for Christ and for the biblical scriptures are even more remarkable.

She is someone who loves people without discrimination, encourages people, and even more, helps people change their lives for the glory of God

We don't have the words to describe the experiences lived with Joan Murray, but we can deduce that she is a servant of God, loving God and loving others

Her character, Leadership, integrity, her vision of things impact us a lot

Her teachings, works, prayers and her actions helped and is continuing to help is so much. Joan Murray is a woman of God, with a special heart for special work as we live in difficult circumstances around the world

We would like the world to know Joan and to use her as testimony to encourage others

Submitted by Good Shepherd Mission on 09/08/2022

Linda Keeliing

I have volunteered with Joan Murray Ministries for several years. Her teaching of the word is excellent. Several of her books have greatly impacted me. I facilitated her most recent book "You Can Trust Him" in our church life group. The book was very encouraging to the group members. I would highly recommend her as a speaker for any type of group or conference.

Submitted by Volunteer on 09/08/2022

Sandra Pagotto

I know Pastor Joan Murray and her ministry for over 10 years.
During this time, I have had the opportunity to serve on her ministry in several occasions where I witnessed her passion for Jesus Christ.
Pastor Joan Murray is an outstanding speaker and teacher. I’ve attended several Bible studies and I can assure that she not just speak clear but with passion and love. Her biblical knowledge is second to none.
She has the heart for the poor and serve them faithfully feeding and clothing them materially and spiritually bringing the gospel to them as well.
I highly recommend Pastor Joan Murray!

Submitted by Volunteer on 09/08/2022

Carlos Pagotto

I know Joan Murray and her ministry for over 10 years. Throughout her ministry she has helped thousands of people in several different countries, bringing clothing, food, toys and many other material needs. However, above all things she has brought love and salvation to these people throughout Christ Jesus. Joan Murray made a difference in my life when I was going thru a marriage problem. Although marriage is not really part of her ministry, she took time to ministry to me and my wife. With love and compassion she saved my marriage.
It is with great joy that recommend Joan Murray.

Submitted by Personal on 09/08/2022

Coleen Hanls

Joan Murray is anointed! She has a knowledge and a passion for the Word of God that is clearly evident through every message preached and every Biblical principal taught by her. Joan is so dynamic and such an effective communicator. When she prays, it’s clear that her relationship with Christ is close and well maintained. God works through Joan every time she opens her mouth. If you ever need a speaker, preacher, teacher of the Word of God, Joan is an excellent choice!

Submitted by Katy Community Fellowship on 09/08/2022

Hannelore Washington

Joan is a gifted teacher of the Word of GOD, great Author and Leader - she has a sincere heart for people no matter if it is a young or older person. She makes it her business that people will be treated with respect and prayed for. Her teaching of the Word of GOD will touch people's life and meet them where they are - she reminds me of JESUS - wherever HE went it was always about HIS Father's business. Lifes are changed weather it is a Bible study, a mission's trip well prepared by her and her team or sending a message through a sermon - She is a Prayer warrior, and no task will start without a Prayer prior to any engagement or mission trip, followed by listening what the Holy Spirit has to say about the situation before the task is attempted. Her goal always is KINGDOM minded, to bring people back to GOD or if you don't know the LORD JESUS you will get to know him - her ultimate goal is to plant a seed in your heart and that you know you are loved by GOD, and you can trust HIM.

Submitted by Volunteer / Crisis Care Minister (lakewood Church) on 09/08/2022

Cheryl McBride - Retired School Principal

It gives me great pleasure to write this recommendation for Joan E. Murray. I met Joan in 2005, while attending a Bible Study Class that she taught at Lakewood Church. I know her to be an amazing woman of God and Minister of the Gospel. She is a powerful teacher and preacher. Her sharing of the Word of God has drawn men and women all over the world to Christ - changing lives. She is a great humanitarian and servant of God, with a heart like Christ. Her Seeds of Hope Ministry has provided food, clothing, school supplies, housing for orphans, and financial assistance for those in need. She is devoted to the care of homeless veterans in Houston, Texas, where she ministers to their needs. I credit Joan Murray Ministries with helping me personally to grow in the Word of God and mature in my relationship with Christ, through the many books she has written. Joan will be a great addition to the Christian Womens Speakers organization.

Submitted by Houston Independent School District on 09/08/2022

Dr. Isaac Egbewole

I have had the privilege of hearing Joan Murray speak in several countries. She is a gifted public speaker humble to the core and anointed from Above.
I will have no doubt to recommend her to speak at your conferences. Her messages cuts across denominational lines. You will surely be blessed

Submitted by Lifetime Missions on 09/08/2022

Olubunmi Lawal Mrs

Joan is a very passionate ,committed and anointed woman of God who is gifted with the word . She believes the word of God and speaks the word with boldness and courage. She ministers with clarity and rightly dividing the word of truth .
Her motive is love , seeing that more and more lives are transformed and revived to enjoy the fullness of the blessings of salvation.
She has devoted her time ,love, resources and life for the work of God . She has reached out in her ministry to many continents and within the United States preaching , discipling, giving ,growing and supporting other missions and missionaries while she runs her ministry,The Joan Murray Ministry.She has authored several books which are blessings to many and have been a blessing to me. Joan has ministered in several radio and TV stations .
She is highly recommended as a great Christian speaker .

Submitted by Katy Community Fellowship on 09/08/2022

Pita Castillo

I highly recommend Pastor Joan Murray for Christian Women Bureau, I have been a follower of Pastor Joans, preaching, teaching, books & podcasts for several years now. Her knowledge, wisdom in God's word has helped me with my spiritual growth. Pastor Joan is dedicated, honorable, steadfast and obedient to all God has called her to accomplish. She is dedicated to bring people to Christ & helping those in need. I highly recommend Pastor Joan Murray, great, intelligent, caring, woman of God who does all for God's Glory.

Submitted by Independent Follower on 09/07/2022

Fahendy Saint Desir

Joan E Murray is a woman dedicated to her work and who likes to support others i highly recommend this woman to Christian women speakers

Submitted by Hope And Love Ministry on 09/07/2022

Felt Esrom

I have known Joan Murray for years. She is a oint of God. Regarding her character, her great heart, the interest she has for the kingdom of the Lord, make feel free to recommend her to the structure of “Christian women speakers Bureau”

Submitted by Miames on 09/07/2022

Roodeline René

I recommend Joan Murray to the “Women speakers Bureau”. Because I can testify the devotion of that woman of God for the important she gives her work for the kingdom of the Lord. She is a oint by the Lord.

Submitted by Famille Club 103 on 09/07/2022

Elizabeth Bandy, Project & Event Coordinator

Joan E. Murray is an accomplished international Bible scholar, teacher, pastor, missionary, speaker, and published author. She is also the Founder and CEO of two nonprofit organizations: Joan Murray Ministries and Seeds of Hope Worldwide Missions. If that is not enough to keep Joan occupied, she has written sixteen books that encourage, empower, equip, and challenge her readers to seek God’s destiny for their lives. In her books, Joan masterfully takes familiar bible stories and applies them to personal and everyday life situations. Her books and workbooks give practical applications that are relevant for today’s readers and are used in bible studies, life groups, churches, and other small gatherings. Joan’s Bible teachings, prayers, inspirational moments and devotionals may be read and/or heard on various social media and podcast platforms. I highly recommend reading Joan E. Murray’s books because you will be encouraged, impacted and transformed.

Submitted by Joan Murray Ministries And Seeds Of Hope Worldwide Missions on 09/07/2022

Jeanette Hernandez

Ms. Murray taught Bible Studies after Sunday service that is where I first heard her speak. She is encouraging, inspirational and flows in the Holy Spirit. Her book Called and Chosen for Destiny impacted my life and changed me forever where it has been an honor and privilege to volunteer and serve in Joan Murray Ministries Seeds of Hope. She is not only a great author, speaker teacher but is an outstanding leader and a great mentor to me. Her compassion for missions is one to be observed showing love to every community and every nation. Her logo is Change Lives and that’s what she has done for me.

Submitted by Volunteer on 09/07/2022

Zacharie René Director

During my working relationship with Joan E Murray. I have experienced goodbye things through her in exercising her ministry, her devotion to the work and the kingdom of the Lord, her teachings, and her great heart. All maintain always a positive atmosphere. With out reservation that I recommend Joan Murray for Women speakers Bureau.

Submitted by Hope And Love Ministry on 09/07/2022

Leticia P Nava

I have known Joan Murray for approximately 10 years. She is truly a woman of God who serves the Kingdom with genuine passion. Joan has wisdom that only God’s Spirit can provide. She is an excellent orator and author. People receive life and hope as she preaches. Hearts and minds receive freedom from the power of the Word she teaches. Joan has a God given gift to reach women, bringing them into His presence and changing their lives. I am living proof; my life and the lives of many women have been changed by her teaching.

Submitted by Pete Jaramillo Insurance Services on 09/07/2022

La Rhonda Johnson

I highly recommend the Ministry of Joan Ministry for Christian Women Conference. She is a Special Spirit filled woman of God and will be a asset to Christian Women. She has so much to share for women.

Submitted by Katy Community Fellowship on 09/07/2022

Joy Garcia

I highly recommend my friend Ptr.Joan Murray.She is an annointed Teacher/Preacher of the gospel. Gifted in writing supplemental reading books to strengthen christian faith.A trusted woman of God with a passion to serve God's people.

Submitted by Confirming The Word Local Bible School -phil.based -admin on 09/07/2022

Marvin Garcia ( Philippines Pastor)

I pastor Marvin Garcia a pastor in the Philippines knows Ptr Joan Murray since 2017 and knows her as a woman and anointed by God with a noble character. She became a blessing for some of Pilipinos were we work for during her visit here. And we are highly recommended her for what ever position your looking for. Thanks and God bless you more. ..
In Christ service: Ptr Marvin garcia

Submitted by Greatest Love Community Church on 09/07/2022

Leslie Lindsey Davis, author of You Can't Eat Love

Where do you begin? The first time I heard her was at an Easter morning sunrise service and I knew I had to find out when and where she was going to speak again. WOW! I left the service inspired and excited. What a powerful message she delivered! It was several more months before I had the opportunity to hear her again and I knew I had to find out how I could hear more.

The messages Joan Murray delivers are not the same, old, rehashed messages. She brings a fresh perspective and always challenges me to look deeper into the scriptures. My favorite example is a message where she wondered what people were thinking as the animals started showing up to board the ark. That message inspired me to gather my sisters and write "The Untold Story of Noah's Wife".

I have developed a hunger for God's word because of how Joan Murray peaks my curiosity.

Always honest, always inspirational, always learning

An amazing, inspirational, Spirit-inspired speaker!

Submitted by Leslie Lindsey Davis on 09/06/2022

Linda Crump, Executive Director

When reading the writings of Paul, one of his ultimate goals was to identify with Christ. You can see this when he writes to the Corinthians church in 1 Corinthians 11:1 - "And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ." This is what I see and experience when interacting, watching Ms. Murray christian walk. Her love for the Word as she teaches with simplicity, is Bible based and life changing. Her life, compassion for others domestic and international has always imitated Jesus Christ. Every book, workbook, teaching, YouTube, Bible study of hers leaves me confidently more in LOVE with the One Who LOVED Me First!

Submitted by Joan Murray Ministries on 09/06/2022

Ericka White - Pastor

Joan Murray is one of the most dedicated ministry leaders of our times. Her passion for souls, especially the "least of these" is truly awe-inspiring, sincere, and infectious. She demonstrates such a kingdom-mindedness as she so selflessly and willingly serves other pastors, ministries, and organizations with great excellence and passion, while always giving Christ the glory for it all. I am very blessed to call Joan my friend and co-laborer in the gospel for over 12 years.

Submitted by Revive Church Global on 09/06/2022