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Posted by: Brenetia Adams-Robinson on 12/21/2015

Virtuous Professional: Empowered to Excel at Work

Newton's law of motion tells us that an object in motion tends to stay in motion. This principle is not only applicable to inanimate object, it is particularly applicable to the human dynamic. Within any team dynamic, some people bring chaos; while other seem to bring a certain level of positive energy to every encounter. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be one of those people or to inspire your team to tap into that level of positivity?? This seminar helps team members learn the art of bringing the best of themselves to work each day.

Discussion Points include:

  • Understand the dynamics of emotional intelligence in the team dynamic

  • Understand how we process emotional information in the work environment.

  • Understand who unmanaged emotional triggers can lead to emotional reactions that undermine professional presentation.

  • Learn strategies to maintain a positive mindset in the midst of negativity and discontent.

  • Understand how to use conflict management and communication styles to bridge differences.

  • Master intrinsic motivation strategies to bring your best self to every workplace scenario.

This program can be structured as a  keynote address, seminar, or workshop.

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