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Posted by: Brenetia Adams-Robinson on 12/21/2015

Surviving the Chaos: Success in the Face of Adversity

This training program is a survival kit for individuals determined to succeed despite overwhelming odds, traumatic experiences, and turmoil. Attendees will be challenged to self assess to identify where the limitations in their lives have emanated from and determine strategies to remove them. They will be tasked to assess how to develop their inner strength to achieve their personal goals and desires.

Topics include how to conduct a realistic self-assessment, assessing personal emotional intelligence, how to conduct a S.A.D Life Analysis, overcoming mental blocks caused by negative life events, understanding the psychology of the motivation, the art of goal setting and goal achievement, reclaiming personal power, assessing your EQ (emotional quotient) for success, rebuilding a damaged self-image, when to internalize and when to externalize.

This program can be structured as a keynote address, seminar, or workshop.  As a workshop, it is best for a group settings, such as support groups, divorce groups, singles groups, women's groups, etc.

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