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Posted by: Brenetia Adams-Robinson on 12/21/2015

Let It Go!!! – Unforgiveness is Killing Your Destiny

Did you know that there is now overwhelming research which supports that forgiveness is one of the most powerful actions we can do to position us to live a fruitful, peaceful, and healthy life. Failure to forgive impact our psychological, physiological, and emotional well-being; and is paramount to being able to live the destiny for which God ordain for us.

The concept of forgiveness is one of today’s most intriguing, yet still broadly misunderstood behavioral concepts. This program focuses on the power of forgiveness and the extreme negative repercussions of holding on to anger, grudges, and other negative emotions that cripple the capacity to truly live, enjoy each day, and achieve dreams and desires.

Topics include the following:

  • Understanding the anger process and manage emotional roller coaster associated with the process.

  • Discuss the dynamics of forgiveness as it relates to various levels of hurt and trauma.

  • Discuss barriers to the forgiveness process and how those barriers undermine the capacity to love, feel joy, and enjoy life.

  • Understand the stages of forgiveness and the recovery process to healing.

  • Discuss what the concept of forgiveness is and is not.

  • Understand the benefits, and challenges, of the forgiveness journey.

  • Learning to forgive self from internalized blame.

This program can be structured as a keynote address, a seminar, or a 1-day workshop.

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