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Posted by: Brenetia Adams-Robinson on 12/21/2015

Finding Balance: Empowered to Live a Full Life

This seminar is a must for the professional who has to be all to everyone. It is intended to help attendees understand that balancing work and family in today’s fast paced race is a task that not only can be managed, but must be managed for overall joy, peace, and success. The audience will learn the following:

  • Identify the signs of living an imbalanced life; potential issues with continued imbalance.

  • Balance 4 facets of self to achieve success while eliminating negative stress.

  • Prioritize external expectations and inner desires to achieve targeted goals.

  • Employ efficient use of technology to prevent mental overdrive and maintain peace.

  • Strategize changes needed to live a balanced life to achieve set goals.

Topics include stress and time management, relinquishing the people-pleaser mentality, prioritizing an over-crowded schedule, setting boundaries on yourself and others, understanding personal need, creating a “family network”, allocating quality family time, saying “no” without guilt, and negotiating win-win results at home and at work.

This program can be structured as a  keynote address, seminar, or 1-day workshop.

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