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Thank you for the courage and confidence to be stronger than the problem. Thank you for sharing your story. Beauty inside and out!

Submitted by Missouri on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017

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Sheila Gravett Most Recent Recommendations


Sheila spoke at our Mother's Day Banquet in May. She is full of grace and has the love of the Lord on her heart.

Submitted by Hurley Community Baptist Church on Wednesday, Jul 19, 2017

Just As I Am Attendee

I attended Sheila's Just As I Am session and I am glad I did. I struggle with self confidence and I appreciate what Sheila shared. Thank you!

Submitted by Hny Conference Attendee on Saturday, Apr 29, 2017

Just As I Am Seminar Attendee

Sheila was very inspiring, and her words really encouraged me.

Submitted by Happy New You Conference Attendee on Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017

HNY Conference

At the conference I attended your breakthrough seminar; Learning to live complete when you're incomplete. I enjoyed hearing your heart and how you allow God to work through you and use you!

Submitted by Conference Attendee on Sunday, Apr 23, 2017


When hearing Sheila speak at a conference, I realized how much I need to love me and see myself through God's eyes of love.

Submitted by Nhim Fellowship on Saturday, Nov 12, 2016

Pastor Terry Mahurin

We have know Sheila Gravett for over 20 years. Sheila has spoken to our church congregation on several occasions. Sheila is a blessing to us personally and our church family.

Submitted by Change Of Heart Worship Center on Saturday, Oct 22, 2016


I sat in Sheila's Just As I Am session at HNY Women's Christian Conference in January. I will use the steps she taught to build my faith and grow in confidence in Christ.

Submitted by First Assembly on Saturday, Oct 22, 2016


Sheila shares personal experiences to capture the attention of the audience, then applies it to God, His Word and how His ways changes us forever!

Submitted by Steelvile, Mo on Saturday, Oct 08, 2016

Alyssa Shepherd

Sheila is a wonderful woman of God. I have learned so much through her message of hope. She is an example of grace, compassion, and love. Sheila is real and is able to relate to people on a personal level. In public, personal conversation, and from the pulpit, she remains the same. She loves God and she loves people deeply. Everyone that learns from her is blessed!

Submitted by Injoy Christian Fellowship on Sunday, Jun 12, 2016

Pamela Leasor Christian

I fully recommend Sheila Gravett to be a Christian Speaker.. I heard her few months ago at a convention in Bourbon, Mo....... She is a very loving inspiring lady..... that knows her Christianity... I hope in the future she is around my area again... I would go back and her speak..

Submitted by Victory Baptist Church on Saturday, Jun 11, 2016


In Sheila's session, Just As I Am, I grew in understanding that no one is perfect but it is those imperfections we can use to help others and it is those imperfections God uses to build us up.

Submitted by Straightway Baptist Church, Mo on Saturday, Jun 11, 2016

Pastor Aaron Gravett

I have to highly recommend Sheila for ministry without reservation. Sheila is a called, gifted, and anointed minister of Jesus Christ! She speaks truth in a refreshing and relevant way that changes lives. She is "real" and speaks the truth boldly while displaying and proclaiming the love, mercy, grace, power, and forgiveness of the Lord Jesus! If you want a women's conference that is designed to change lives for the glory of God - schedule Sheila!

Submitted by Abiding Love Worship Center Ministries on Saturday, Jun 11, 2016

Amanda Espinoza

Sheila has been gifted with the ability to connect with women through her powerful message of hope. I have had the opportunity to witness God move in the lives of many women as a result of Sheila's devotion to share the gospel.

Submitted by Author/conference Speaker on Saturday, Jun 11, 2016

Deb Windle

I have personally known Sheila for over 13 years and have heard her speak on several occasions. She speaks God's Truth from her heart. She has a heart for the hurting and rejected because she has been there. She speaks the Word that God has placed on her heart to bring others into the Love and Acceptance of God. She is truly an inspiration to all who hear her.

Submitted by Change Of Heart Friends on Friday, Jun 10, 2016