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Evelyn Leite Recommendations

Submitted by Landmark Church on 12/20/2022

Shelly Gray, Attendee

On Topic

Thank you so much for speaking today at our church. Your words spoke to me and really hit home. I ran into my neighbor two days ago and she asked me to come with her. I thought about canceling many times. We buried my 21 year old nephew two years ago and had the funeral at Landmark Church, so I visualize that sometimes when I'm there. I kept thinking that God wanted me to be there today for some reason, so I went and now I know that YOU were the reason. So thank you again, you are a remarkable woman and I appreciate you so much.

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Peggy Sanders, Author

Evelyn Leite is an outstanding presenter, yet beyond that she is compassionate and discerning. Since she has lived some of the problems of life which she hears about from audiences, she demonstrates empathy. Evelyn's enthusiasm and clear voice keep audiences engrossed. Most of all, she 'walks the walk' with Jesus and it is obvious to anyone who knows her. I would highly recommend Evelyn Leite to the Christian Women Speakers group.

Submitted by Western Writers Of America on 12/12/2023

Susan Business Owner

Powerful and authentic and always uplifting!  Evelyn’s experience and ability to share has helped so many!  She continues to inspire and bring understanding and compassion with her shared experiences!  

Submitted by Community on 06/19/2023

Susan Hughes

Ms Leite is an amazing woman who speaks not only from her professional training but from her heart. Her experiences in life has given her a unique ability to make you feel comfortable with her.

Submitted by Retired on 06/19/2023

Delaine Shay, Author, Certified Grief Educator, Speaker, Spiritual Director

I have been to many events where Evelyn has been the keynote speaker and teacher. I have followed Evelyn for years because I keep learning life-giving wisdom as she authentically shares how God has appeared in her life. She has used her God- given talents, and has worked hard in her studies to provide people with wisdom in striving to be the person God created them to
be. She definitely helped me to do that.

Submitted by Delaine Shay Author on 09/01/2022

Walter Rasmussen/Pastor

Evelyn has been a leader in recovery counseling helping people get free from the bonds of life-controlling problems, ie: alcohol, drugs, co-dependency, abuse, and negative thinking. She is highly qualified and has thirty years of experience as a chemical dependency and mental health counselor. She has published 14 books on addiction and rebuilding the family after addiction. She is personable and easy to talk to and not only that but she has helped hundreds if not thousands of people find meaning in their lives. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance in recovery. I am a man in recovery from opiate addiction and I know she is a good counselor after spending time with her. Pastor Walter

Submitted by Landmark Community Church on 09/01/2022