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Posted by: Elizabeth Hagen on 10/29/2015

Growing Your Business With Confidence

Are your people ready to accelerate their success and grow their business? Then this presentation is perfect for your next event!

Elizabeth Hagen is the right speaker for your meeting or event, if… 

•Your group consists of business owners, or independent professionals 

•You want them to reach a higher level of success 

•They want to sell more products and services 

•You want a content-rich presentation, laced with a unique style of humor 

After your group hears Growing Your Business with Confidence they will have more: 





From thirty minutes to all day, Elizabeth will create a Growing Your Business with Confidence presentation designed to get more focused, attract more prospects, stimulate more referrals, and ultimately create a path and plan for generating more business!

Elizabeth zeros in on four key areas of focus: 





Elizabeth wants to make sure your people are positioned properly and heading in the right direction. Her strategies on creating an identity in the marketplace can have immediate impact on success. From a marketing perspective, she’ll share what it takes to get your telephone to ring, and develop repeat business. Everyone knows what it feels like to be focused, but maintaining that focus and momentum is often short-lived. She helps people set up a system for creating a laser-like focus on a daily basis, and prevent them from going off on tangents, disguised as opportunities. 

This presentation can be given from 30 minutes to an all-day workshop.

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