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Posted by: Laura West on 12/23/2015

Learn to Die Laughing

After years of caring for our daughter who was born blind, addicted to heroine then burnt in a tub of hot water by her birth mother we learned the value of "Laughter is good like medicine." I will share with you our families story as well as have you laughing then crying. Jesus gave us laughter and the greatest thing about it is its free because he paid the copay over 2000 years ago on a hill called Mt. Calvary, so why don't we use it? Listen ,you will not always be happy in life but I promise you can always have joy and the joy of the Lord is our strength when facing trials. After I finish speaking my daughter, Maleka, will come up and sing " The First Thing I'll See Will Be Jesus." there won't be one dry eye in the place. God is so good!!

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