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Posted by: Vicki Tiede on 10/29/2015

The Word Cafe Retreat Package

ONE HOLY LATTE TO GO, PLEASE!: Most women, at one time or another, feel like the demands of life have sucked the spiritual and emotional enthusiasm right out of them. They approach their relationships, ministries, and daily responsibilities with about as much pizzazz as cold oatmeal. In this talk, Vicki challenges women to eliminate attitudes of apathetic mediocrity, reignite their faith, and allow the flame to be fueled by the Spirit's energy, so that they can eagerly embrace their purpose and place in life with holy enthusiasm. HE BREWS FRESH FAITH: As Christians persevere on a rugged pilgrimage of discipleship in faith, sooner or later we trip over obstacles. Vicki explains how the trials we face do not necessarily define our Christian journey. Instead, learn how we can describe our walk in terms of God, our travelling companion, who accompanies and directs us every step of the way. When we seem to be on an endless journey going in the same direction, we are reminded that He brews fresh faith.

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