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Carmen Morales

Christian Speaker
Lancaster Pennsylvania 17602

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Catch this--this is for you!

Catch this--this is for you!

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Lancaster, PA 17602
United States of America

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Kingdom City Church
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More About Carmen Morales

Pastor Carmen Morales is a dynamic storyteller, teacher and speaker whose realistic, personal, Bible-based, and intense presentations move you, change you, and impact you to be a life-changer in your world.  


As a woman who grew up with numerous personal struggles, I am no stranger to the labels that can  be assigned to a woman entering ministry. Too ghetto. Hood rat. Too loud. Ex-con. A woman. I know something about labels and how they can be used to restrict and limit, but God had a plan for my life.                                                                                  

    When I accepted him as my personal savior, he changed the labels others had always placed on me.   

     He calls me: 

     New, His workmanship, redeemed, His child, holy and blameless.         

     Throughout twenty-one years of ministry I have sought the people who needed a touch from God.

      From street evangelism, to outreach, to the pulpit, chances are you will find me telling my story of      

       restoration at the hands of a loving savior. 

       God pulled me from the pit to enable me to go back and help others who are suffering.

       I have pointed everyone that I encounter to the truth; Jesus is alive and when you 

       invite him into your life, transformation begins and the labels change.