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Posted by: Karen Watson on 10/29/2015

Letting God See Me Naked

This workshop has a book and workbook companion and is designed for women's ministry. Using her personal testimony as a guide, Karen walks participants through a process of unleashing the past and moving towards a future in Christ. 

The book, Letting God See Me Naked is about exposure of things past that can cause people to live unfulfilled lives. While the book is a personal testimony of one person, it mirrors similar events or situations that have occurred in others lives and, it can be used as a guide to find the essence of your faith.

The objective of the workshop is to begin a journey where we get to a place of nakedness with God. It is a place where we can enjoy true fellowship and intimacy with the Lord without regrets or fears from our past. This state of nakedness allows us to be free, without disguise, without concealment, and simply transparent.

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