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JoAnn DePolo Recommendations

Submitted by Author on 10/30/2015

Richard Exley, Author

On Topic

"JoAnn DePolo has written a book every artist should read. Making It As An Artist provides valuable insights and helpful tips on all aspects of the creative experience -- from seeing yourself as an 'artist' to maintaining your art career."

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Ryan Lind, Pastor

JoAnn DePolo is a gifted artist and communicator. She relates to her audience very well, especially to those who tend to think creatively. It is rare to find an artist who can communicate in both abstract and concrete terms, but that is one of JoAnn's greatest strengths. I would highly recommend her to speak at your event.

Submitted by Oak River Ministries on 11/03/2021

Kristen Hon

JoAnn is an accomplished artist, author and excellent teacher. Her art reflects the freedom we find in our Savior and the blessings God bestows upon His children. Her book, Making It as an Artist, is true guidance for the artist and an inspiration for those who would not call themselves artists. I don’t think you will find many others as encouraging as JoAnn. I am sure she will approach your speaking engagement whole-heartedly and with great enthusiasm.”

Submitted by Oak River on 10/08/2021

Rhonda Gilmour, Worship Leader

"I have been personally touched by JoAnn DePolo's life and her art. JoAnn's genuine love for people and passion for them to operate in their talents combined with her ability to share on a wide range of topics makes her an incredibly unique and valuable speaker".

Submitted by Worship Leader on 10/30/2015