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Amy Nordhues Recommendations

Submitted by SAFE-NOW on 05/18/2022

Sheryl West

On Topic

Amy is passionate about sharing her misfortune of finding her self as an unwilling sexual abuse
victim. Amy's speech
reveals how easy it is to find
yourself in a situation you
don't want to be in, but
unsure of how to get out.
The hold the Predator had
on her and the strength God gave her to find her
way free is so empowering.
Don't miss an opportunity
to hear Amy speak about
her love for God and her
trust in herself, after bring
told by authorities, not to
pursue her abuser.
Amy's book is a must read,
especially if you think you
have never been in her
situation. You might be
surprised who you find
hidden in the pages.
Please take the opportunity or find the opportunity to
hear Amy speak.

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Kim Parker-McClure

Amy did a great job. She stayed on track according to the notes she had. Kept her talk short enough that you didn’t lose interest. She didn’t ramble but spoke from her heart and personal experience which has to be very difficult to do.

Submitted by Safe-now on 05/18/2022

Jona Reyes Executive Director

Amy presented at the 2022 Sexual Violence Prevention Conference this past April, she was very clear in her message and kept the attention of the audience allowing them to further recieve the information being presented. She hit every point on the topic that was asked of her, and gave scritpural background connecting her experience and outcome to the Word, at the conclusion of her presentation she ended with a lovely poem that she wrote, making the presentation personal and giving the audience a glimpse of how she coped with her abuse. I recommend her and will be working with her again in future endeavors.

Submitted by Neighbors Helping Neighbors North Braddock on 05/05/2022

Martin Weber, DMin / chairman & president

Amy Nordhues has a unique gift of connecting mind and heart in addressing the delicate (and neglected) topic of sexual abuse by counselors. Her personal story involves misconduct from a church elder/psychiatrist. Amy is both candid and appropriate for the occasion. Her presentations are factual (citing scientific data) while also personal and compelling. Amy promotes an empowering balance between holding religious perpetrators and their enablers accountable, while not hating them—having overcome her abuser's gaslighting and manipulations by getting his state license revoked. Amy has found sufficient healing in her soul that she exudes a positive tone in her presentations while poignantly acknowledging her pain. There is even a poetic elegance to her style. I must attribute 5 stars to Amy in every area of public speaking. (My organization helps victims of sexual abuse by religious leaders, often in a counseling setting, and Amy is a treasured presenter and victim advocate on our team.)

Submitted by The Hope Of Survivors on 04/09/2022

Karen Goins, WMGF (wife, mother, grandmother, friend)

Amy’s testimony is nothing short of inspiring and as I listened to chapters of her book unfold over some years I was thrilled to realize that it would be more than just an interesting read. Her finished book and speaking engagements have blossomed into a beautiful ministry which promises to help many victims of sexual abuse realize that hope and healing really exist.

Submitted by Grace Community Church, Bartlesville, Ok on 04/09/2022