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Kathy Kaspar

Christian Speaker
Cincinnati Ohio 45242

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Be Your Own Success Story!

Be Your Own Success Story!

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Cincinnati, OH 45242
United States of America

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  • 1977
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More About Kathy Kaspar

Kathy Kaspar is a fun-loving speaker, success coach and entrepreneur whose authenticity, about deep hurts and big turnarounds, empowers women to embark on their own journey of transformation. 


I was raised in a Christian home and started a personal relationship with God at a young age. But, when my life was completely torn apart by my ex-husband, my faith faltered. Everything I thought I knew to be true rapidly came into question. 

I've walked through soul-crushing loss and defeat. I've questioned the sovereignty of God. I've spent days and weeks and months in states of hopelessness. I know how hard life can be and how hard it is to keep going in the midst of the storm. I also know that God doesn't leave us in the storm, even when the storm lasts for years.

I am passionate about helping women move past obstacles that keep them stuck. Because of my experiences and staying stuck in places of pain, I specialize in breakthrough and deliverance! I have deep empathy for women who desperately want to find victory in Christ, but struggle to get there. I see you and I understand!

Using Biblical truths, real life experiences, wit and wisdom, I help women recognize and address things that are holding them back from living their lives the way God intended. Not only do I love God and follow Him with my whole heart, I have a successful corporate career and coaching business. As an ICF certified coach, talent development expert and adult learning specialist, I draw on all of my experience and expertise to lead women out of the desert and in to their own Promised Land.

I speak at Christian events, Corporate events, coach one-on-one and facilitate groups sessions. My goal in all of this is to honor God and help women move into freedom and joy.

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Kathy Kaspar Speaking Topics

Custom Content

As a passionate lover of God, a true success story and a warrior for other women, I have many messages that can be created for your event. I love to collaborate and welcome working...

Success Stories - What's Yours?

Kathy is a true success story in every sense. Having lost everything to the man she married and loved for over 18 years, she had to rebuild her entire life and managed to do so. If...

Help! I’m stuck and I can’t get free!

Deep emotional trauma often causes disillusionment, anger and a faith crisis. It’s hard to reconcile how a God who loves us the way the Bible says He does would allow us to experience...

Healing! That sounds great, but how do I get there?

Kathy is a visual person and often says she visualizes her life as a whole pie. That pie is made of many different slices, each a different size. In order to really be whole, each...

Well… That Happened, Now What?

Kathy’s life hasn’t gone quite the way she had planned! As an adult, many things have happened that were unexpected and often traumatic. Thankfully, her deep relationship...

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