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Carol Stratton Recommendations

Submitted by Grace Management For Today on 03/06/2023

Victoria Harris, Freelance “Covenant & Constitution” Coach/Trainer/Consultant

On Topic

Upon meeting Carol last summer (2022), I quickly found her to be very relatable. Her many location moves and varied life experiences, combined with her personality, have made her so. 

Carol is interesting, funny and serious minded - all at the same time. She is quick to connect with new people and longs to help others see what she has found to be true. 

Any woman could benefit from knowing Carol Stratton.

Victoria Harris 
Grace Management For Today
Freelance “Covenant & Constitution” Coach/Trainer/Consultant

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Betty Slade

"Carol Stratton spoke to our Wolf Christian Creek Writers Network Group. She talked about developing exciting characters in our writings. She was very informative and used many examples and showed us how to make our characters come alive. If you are looking for a speaker or presenter for your group, I highly recommend Carol Stratton. I’ve used several things she spoke about in my novel."

Submitted by Wof Creek Christian Writers Network on 08/25/2023

Suzanne Ruff Author

Carol is upbeat, cheerful, joyful and when she says she will pray for you, she does! Her zest for writing, reading and learning comes through in a way that makes a person tap into their own faith, whether they are deeply faithful or a little rusty in finding their way. As an author and speaker myself, she inspires and motivates me through our joint goal of praising God through our work. She genuinely cares and is passionate about making a difference.

Submitted by The Reluctant Donor on 04/18/2023