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O'Dena Ford

Christian Speaker
Christian Woman Speaker at Graciously Divine Kingdom & Women's Ministry
Raleigh North Carolina 27617

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Be True To Thine Self

Be True To Thine Self

Contact Information

Name Graciously Divine Kingdom & Women's Ministry
Position Christian Woman Speaker
Raleigh, NC 27617
United States

Speaking Ministry Details

  • Salvation Date
  • 1998
  • Home Church
  • Graciously Divine Kingdom Ministry
  • Relationship to Church
  • Pastor at
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  • Conferences, Keynotes, Retreats, Workshops
  • Speaking Experience
  • Experienced (over 10 events)
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More About O'Dena Ford

O'Dea Ford is a practical female, who was transformed into an exceptional woman with extraordinary faith, by the power of God’s unconditional love. I was taught, trained and equipped with a Holy Sword that instructed me how to encourage others, to connect with God’s heart and build an intimate relationship with Him, through the words that I write, teach or preach.

A Liberating Executor, yes that is my Kingdom assignment. I was made free to lead those that are spiritually dead, lost or stuck to the only right way of being made free also and to submit to the will of God. I enjoy living in the freedom of Christ every day and taking pleasure in the life I have been blessed to have.   

Of course, I’ve gone through countless trials and tribulations, a great deal of pain from hits, bruises and scars, unbearable heartbreaks and disappointments, errors and mistakes from falling short, sometimes losing focus and got discouraged; challenge after challenge, but nevertheless in the midst of it all, what never changed or wavered was the fact that I held on to my hope, my joy and my faith, never letting go of God’s unchanging hand.

God is completing what He has started in me and will finish it to the very end. Nothing is missing and broken in me any longer. I have been healed and made whole by God, almighty!

I’m nothing without God, but everything with Him. I am very passionate about worshipping, praying and the great joy I receive from being a servant of God and glorifying Him with the works that I do.

The most important thing that matters to me, is completing my mission that the Lord, Jesus gave me, to go forth and spread the Good News about God’s amazing grace.