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Michelle Viscuse Recommendations

Submitted by Boundless Sisterhood on 05/15/2024

Susan Thayer, Founder And CEO Of Boundless Sisterhood

On Topic

Michelle is always a pleasure to listen to. She tells her story of abuse through the lens of victory in Christ. Her message is relevant to everyone as she shares how God helped her overcome unseemly obstacles in her life.

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Wendy P Bradsher

Michelle Viscuse is a joy to be around. Michelle is such a kind and thought person. I highly recommend her as a speaker whether it be in your church, a women's conference or other areas. She spoke at our Women's Conference last fall and it was an absolute pleasure to have her with us. She is such a sweet soul.

Submitted by Montwood Baptist Church on 03/13/2024

Wendy Holeman

Awareness is the key to success and Michelle brings this to the table in a way we can all understand. Her story is one of so many. The courage for her to speak shines a light where others have felt darkness. 

Submitted by Grace Cavel Church on 09/07/2023

Theresa Goodman

Michelle came and spoke at our Road to Recovery group at church. She shared her story and shared about her book. She was awesome! Her story really touched me and a lot of our group! Michelle was very brave and she spoke from her heart! She’s definitely Holy Spirit led! Thank you to Michelle for sharing her story and book with us!!

Submitted by Ministry At Hopefront Church on 09/07/2023