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Linette Rainville Recommendations

Submitted by Worship Leader on 09/13/2022

Rose Heckathorn

On Topic

Linette is an inspirational leader. The Lord's anointing flows through her words and music which touches the hearts of all who are present. She has been an excellent mentor for me.

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Renea Attaway CEO at Destiny by Grace Inc.

Linette is a powerful Spirit Filled Mentor, Speaker and Visionary. God has filled and blessed her with a gift for imparting to others just exactly what they need to be inspired and directed on the path that God has created for them. She is inspirational and on point to steer you on to your destiny and purpose.

Submitted by Destiny By Grace Inc. on 04/17/2023

Sandra Robinson

Linette Rainville is an incredibly talented public speaker and worship leader. She is an extraordinary coordinator for events and bringing like minded people together. She would be a great asset to your organization.

Submitted by Spirit Of Truth Urban Ministry on 04/17/2023

Ang Shaver, President

Linette Rainville is a dedicated Christian who’s purpose in life, I believe, is to pull people up. Linette is a proven leader founding the Trading Post. She has the ability to motivate, delegate, listen and care all at the same time. This woman is packed full of power, strength, talent and integrity.

Submitted by Root 39 Salon & Spa, Inc. on 03/21/2022

Christie Thein

Linette is such an incredible example of what it means to Bloom Where God has planted you. Her heart to bring people to Jesus is ginormous. Much like Queen Esther, "who realizes she is in the right place at the right moment in order to change the fate of the Jewish people." She is carrying on the model Jesus gave us of Spiritual Multiplication, one person at a time, using the method of Win, Build and Send. Linette has a heart as big as Niagara Falls, and it overflows to everyone she meets. She truly is a Mist of God's Love.

Submitted by Love The Word on 03/16/2022

Deborah M. Barone, retired attorney

Linette is engaging and sincere, and has an anointing on all she does. I have known Linette, a dear friend, for decades. I met her when her vision was a seed, and was amazed at the fulfillment at every step. Her warm and loving personality makes her, in my opinion, a top pick to speak at any event.

Submitted by Wellness Program "in Progress" on 03/15/2022

Julia Baker-Waite

Linette Rainville is a very positive Christian leader specializing in mission building. She is well spoken, Sprit lead, and prayerful.

Submitted by Jebw Art Studio on 03/14/2022

Rev. Kenneth Lombardo

Linette is as authentic and genuine as you can get. She has a real heart to raise up women to be all that they can be. She is a gifted communicator that has really devoted her life to encouraging women to rise up with the spirit of Esther to make a difference!

Submitted by Resurrection Life Church on 03/14/2022

Monica Perez Burnett Founder

Linette is a powerful woman of God. She leads with excellence and is one of the most creative people I know. Her servant's heart is evident in everything that she does and her tenacity and consistency in completing a project that the Lord has set before her is so inspiring. Regardless of the circumstances, she never ever gives up! She knows who goes before her. I could not recommend her enough. She has an amazing story that changes lives. Anyone who gets the opprotunity to encounter her will be blessed.

Submitted by Mon Ministries on 03/12/2022

Frances Richter

Linette has started organizations that has benefited the under privileged. The strength of women every where all in the name of God. She has been a guide a minister to all whom meet her. Her light shines in the darkest of times. Never waving on her love for God and others.

Submitted by General on 03/12/2022

Angel C Davis, Author & Soeaker

Linette has the rare innate ability to see right through the chaotic discourse and lovingly, through the truth of the word, expose the core issue.
She is a dynamic speaker whose words and messages stay with you long after you’ve heard her speak. Perhaps it’s her conversational style that makes you feel that you’re enjoying A cup of coffee or tea with a longtime friend; or perhaps it’s her passion for Christ and her genuine love for Gods people that infuses her ministry with authenticity. Whatever the recipe is for Transformational Power… God has truly stirred up the gifts and came out with Linette Rainville!

Submitted by Destined Outreach - (do) on 03/12/2022